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"He met her while you were in New York."

"He’ll marry her while you’re in L.A."

So to open a door, I must close another? To further myself, I must lose someone else? 

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What clouds my mind feeds my soul,
Forever in a state of no control
What hurts my heart can make it sing
Never knowing which will sting
But hope can be a powerful being
Forever wondering what life may bring
I hope that falters won’t take their toll
And that someday I will be whole.
Happiness the ultimate goal
If that were a possible thing…

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Someday I’ll understand the pain
From every tortured brick I’ve lain
As I venture to stay sane
While demons continuously pick my brain.
But try as I must to stop the rain
Through the fears and doubts I fain
For it’s my dreams I stand to gain
And my life I will retain
The road less traveled I maintain
And trudge with joy, with hope and vane
My heart’s desires shall never wain
I will falter time and again
But never shall my will refrain
From what I know I can obtain:
The entire world shall know my name

Just that kind of night…

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Dreaming in public is an important part of our job description, as science writers, but there are bad dreams as well as good dreams. We’re dreamers, you see, but we’re also realists, of a sort.
William Gibson (via writingquotes)

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I want to punch you in the stomach. With my words! With my words. Relax. Put down the restraining order already.
When you read my work, the ideal thing for me is to provide you with at least one moment where you gasp. Where your eyes go wide and your jaw hangs loose like a broken porch swing. Where you let out three, maybe four drops of pee because the story caused you to lose your bearing for just that moment.
It’s key as a storyteller to try to orchestrate those moments where you violate expectation and drop a bunker buster on the characters - be careful, though. The trick to the holy shit moment is that it needs to feel organic. So that, after the smoke has cleared and the trauma is worn thin, the events that transpired seem in retrospect like the only way it could’ve ever happened.
Great way to describe your #writing endeavors by Chuck Wendig (via writingquotes)

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